We Serve Realtors and Lenders Alike

Our app has the tools you need on a daily basis. No matter if you’re a real estate agent and you have a buyer or seller, our app has two great estimation tools, the Seller Net Sheet – allowing the seller to get information about how much he/she is going to net after the sale, and the Buyer Estimate – which is essentially a mortgage calculator with closing costs included – allowing the buyer to get a clear idea of how much he/she is going to pay at closing and monthly thereafter. Lenders can use the Title Quote tool to pull our settlement costs and the recording and transfer fees and place these number in their GFEs.

How The Buyer Estimate Tool Saves You Time

Imagine it’s the end of the month. A very sensitive period for any title company. You’re sitting in your office with a client who wants to purchase a home. He wants to know how much he’s going to pay for his home at close, as well as on a monthly basis. It would be awesome if you could let him know right then and there, instead of phoning the title company and waiting hours and hours for an estimate.

The Seller Net Sheet – A Powerful Tool in Your Arsenal

If you’re a Realtor, chances are you are dealing with listings quite frequently. Most of the time, your sellers want to know how much they’re going to net. You can now give them a pretty good estimate using the Seller Net Sheet tool in the app.The tool includes our closing costs, recording fees, tax prorations, accounts for mortgages to be paid off, and lots of other nice features.

Lenders, Your GFEs Need Our Closing Costs

As a lender, you’ll be giving our GFEs all the time. So you will need our closing costs for each of your transactions. We’ll save you a huge amount of time by giving you access to the app.You no longer need to call us for an estimate. Get your INSTANT estimate by using the Title Quote tool in the app. It will give you the numbers you need to fill into your Good Faith Estimates.

All Your Estimates, Kept Safe In One Place

Ever wondered what the owner’s premium for that nice condo downtown a couple of months ago was?
Well, there’s no need to go on a manhunt to find out. All you need to do is access your account with the app, go to your Saved tab (for saved buyer estimates, net sheets, quotes or preHUDs), and pull up the information. And since the app works on desktops as well as mobile devices, you have seamless access to this information… whenever and wherever you need it.


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