About LTE

At Liberty Title, we are a neighborhood provider of nationwide settlement services – able to handle the most complex needs with a high level of personal service.

To do this, we have structured our company differently from our competitors. With Account Representatives in each region, we are always ready and available to work with you and help you succeed, not just at closing time. Behind the scenes, you will have a small team of dedicated specialists with one point of contact using the latest technology to focus on your particular situation and accommodate your needs. Plus, our on-staff attorneys are ready to address any legal concerns that arise and facilitate quick, effective resolutions. The result: better customer service and settlements done right every time. Liberty Title & Escrow Company was founded in 1997.

Mission Statement

Liberty Title & Escrow, as a proud part of the Fidelity National Financial family, is committed to upholding and implementing effective solutions quickly. We provide employees authority with responsibility to encourage decision-making at the point of client contact. We encourage employees to share in ownership of the company to share a common purpose with management and shareholders. We are committed to a small, lean management structure to minimize bureaucracy. Most of all, we are passionate about providing the products, solutions and expertise our clients need for their success. We work with realtors, lenders, mortgage brokers, finance companies, credit unions, loan services, asset management companies, and home buyers to deliver the fastest, highest quality title and escrow services nationwide at your convenience. Our unofficial motto: we will find a way.

Corporate Precepts on which FNF® was founded:

Autonomy & Entrepreneurship

Provide employees with levels of authority based on their responsibilities, then empower them to make decisions and resolve problems as close as possible to the point of client contact.

Bias For Action

Analyze tasks, reach decisions and implement solutions as soon as possible. Challenge all assumptions and strive continuously for improvement. Be accessible, responsible and decisive. Take ownership of all problems and accept all challenges.

Customer-Oriented & Motivated

Offer clients meaningful, customized products and services, the expertise and passion for finding solutions to customers’ problems, and the desire to establish long-term business relationships based on a mutual exchange of value.

Minimize Bureaucracy

Maintain a lean management structure in which performance, productivity and problem resolution are the priorities, as well as the basis, for success and achievement.

Employee Ownership

Encourage employee ownership of company stock to strengthen employee commitment and ensure a common purpose among shareholders, management and employees.

Highest Standard of Conduct

Adhere to all related laws, regulations and principles of conduct to protect the public’s trust, ensure conscientious performance and preserve the Company’s legacy of honesty and strong ethical standards.

Liberty Leadership

Chosen for their expertise and can-do approach, Liberty's leadership team sets the pace for the company and our close anywhere, anytime philosophy. Their skill sets and dedication enable us to say 'yes' to clients, no matter the question.

Executive Leadership

Gary D. Marinosci, Esq.


  • Office:401-751-8090
  • Email:

Robert Okleasky

Executive Vice President Sales & Operations

  • Office: 401-751-8090
  • Email:

Michelle Walters

Senior Vice President, Finance Controller

  • Office:401-234-9165
  • Email:

Bethany Fitzgerald

Human Resources Director

  • Office:401-234-9195
  • Email:

Nicholas F. larocci, Esq

Corporate Counsel

  • Office:401-751-8090
  • Email:

Corporate Leadership

Brayan Duarte

Vice President Finance

  • Office:401-234-9129
  • Email:

Robert H. Lailer, III

Vice President, Closing Operations

  • Office:401-234-9126
  • Email:

Melissa Bonneville

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

  • Office:401-234-9163
  • Email:

Heidi Flynn

Vice President, Title & Post Closing Operations

  • Office:401-234-9178
  • Email:

Branch State Leadership

Lisa Colclasure

State Manager

  • Arkansas
  • Direct:479-250-4298
  • Email:

Doug Conner

State Manager

  • Illinois
  • Direct:602-751-2318
  • Email:

Cynthia L. Reed

Vice President

  • Indiana
  • Direct:219-241-1477
  • Email:

Kortney Theriault

State Manager

  • Maine
  • Direct:207-794-6133
  • Email:

Bill Daly

State Manager

  • Maryland
  • Direct:410.868.6229
  • Email:

Karen Butz Webb, Esq.

State Manager

  • New Hampshire
  • Direct:603-475-1135
  • Email:

George T. Dillon III Esq.

Managing Attorney

  • Virginia
  • Direct:757-749-8879
  • Email: