Real Estate Professionals

Clean, on-time transactions

We understand, as a real estate professional, you work extremely hard to gain the trust of consumers as they make what is usually the largest purchase of their lives. Timing is crucial and getting the details right can make or break a deal. With a proven track record of assisting real estate agents and brokers since 1997, you can count on Liberty Title professionals for speed and accuracy: clean titles done right, every time, when you need them.

Comprehensive approach
Our seasoned professionals work with you in a consultative manner so you can focus on your business and let us worry about the rest. We’ll help you navigate the legalities and protect both you and your clients’ interests.We offer national title and closing services for all transaction types including purchase, refinance, short-sale, and reverse mortgages. You get fast, detailed, personal attention on every transaction, along with our commitment to facilitating a closing that is convenient for your customer. Moreover, you have direct access to your Liberty point of contact if you have a question or concern.
Other services:
Bank owned properties – and title search-only
Foreclosure services
Seller side transactional services
REO properties

We also provide full title and closing services for commercial transactions as well.
As a direct wholly owned Fidelity National Financial subsidiary, Liberty Title underwrites its own title policies which averts many delays and potential roadblocks.
Check out our Liberty Tools page to review our toolbox that has been built to help you increase your productivity and exposure.