How Technology is Making a Big Impact on the Real Estate Industry

Technology continues to play a critical role throughout the real estate industry. Understanding how to use the latest tech can help expedite transactions and make the process of managing listings much easier. In addition, taking advantage of the newest tech is an excellent marketing tool that can give you an edge in real estate. Ultimately, taking the time to continue to learn about technology is always a worthwhile option.

    Here is how technology is making an impact on real estate agents.

Save Time By Using 3D Virtual Tours
Scheduling tours of a home that’s available for sale requires a lot of time and effort. One way you can improve this process is to create 3D virtual tours to reach a much larger audience. Using a 3D virtual tool makes it possible for clients to experience a 360-degree view of every room in a house from nearly any device. One of the most popular virtual tour options available includes Matterport, as you can easily create a virtual 3D tour by using an iPhone or iPad. Zillow 3D Home is another great choice, as you only need to download the app and capture panoramas of the home while letting the app handle everything else.

Boost Productivity With Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Keeping up with all of your interactions with different clients isn’t an easy task for real estate agents. One way you can save time is by investing in CRM software. Using this software makes it simple for you to keep track of various details from each client, such as their contact information, budget, and the type of house they are interested in buying. For example, Agile CRM is an excellent choice for automatically capturing leads from popular real estate websites, while using Salesforce CRM is perfect for staying in communication with clients. Comparing all of the different options is important to help you choose the best CRM to meet your needs.

Increase Outreach With Social Media
Social media makes it much easier for real estate agents to reach a broader audience. Starting with one platform is a great choice if you don’t already have a large following, as many real estate agents make the mistake of trying to stay active on numerous platforms. Each social media platform offers numerous features, whether you plan to use Instagram Reels for creating short videos of house tours or if you go on Facebook Live for an open house event. YouTube is also an excellent way to post videos of prospective listings. Over time, social media will help you build your online presence and create trust with your audience.

Closing Thoughts
Finding success in the real estate industry isn’t always easy. However, using technology is a great way to separate yourself from other real estate agents. Using 3D virtual tours of homes is a great way to save yourself a lot of time while making it convenient for potential home buyers. Choosing to use CRM software is an excellent way to boost productivity, and you can greatly increase your outreach through social media. Now is one of the best times to learn more about technology to help you become an even more successful real estate agent.