Real-Estate Tips for Sellers: How to Plan for Success

Selling your home might seem daunting unless you’re an experienced real estate vendor. It will help if you prepare so you can navigate the sale process with flair. These real estate tips show how to plan for success.

Time it right

House sales are affected by the season and month. For instance, the school timetable and holidays can influence buyers’ availability; they’re less likely to be around to view your property if they’re on vacation, hosting family gatherings, or busy with their kids.
Put your home on the market when there’s a good chance buyers are free and it’s easy for them to go house hunting.

Choose a Real Estate agent

If you aren’t sure which real estate agent to hire, it’s worth considering using the one you last dealt with as a home buyer. But that’s only if you liked them, of course. If they were polite and well-organized, and their current commission rate is fair, using their services could be beneficial; they already know your home.

These factors make an estate agent’s services attractive:
• A sensible commission rate
• Healthy client testimonials
• trusted recommendations
• A professional and likable communication style
• Topnotch listing presentation

Conduct a pre-listing home inspection
One super-constructive tip is to conduct a pre-listing inspection; this involves determining problem areas ripe for home improvement. Once you identify aspects that could negatively impact selling your home, you can manage them in advance.

Remember to keep receipts for maintenance and repair costs; you can add them to the sale price so you don’t lose money.

Set a price

It’s time to settle a price for your home when it’s sale-ready. Your estate agents can help since they’ll understand the present market value compared to other properties they sell.
You can also compare home sales in your area online, ensuring you check similar properties. For instance, consider room number, size, and factors like outside space and parking.

Stage your home

Stage your home before placing it on the market; this entails decluttering and cleaning. Ensure that windows and other reflective surfaces gleam, tiles and floors are clean, and your home is grime and dust free. Also, be neat and tidy away unnecessary belongings.

If you rarely use items, you can store them out of sight so your home appears spacious and easy to navigate. Appraise curb appeal, too, since it accounts for around 7% of your home’s value.

Whether you’re a first-time home seller or have sold properties before, it’s worth planning for a successful sale. Remember these five real estate tips, and you’ll be in good stead to sell your home fast and without complications.

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