Best Snacks for an Open House: 5 Great Ideas

An open house is a great opportunity to quickly present a listing to a large number of potential buyers. However, the process of touring someone else’s home can be slightly uncomfortable for guests. That’s why it’s helpful to provide personal touches, such as simple snacks, that ease social tension and promote a friendly atmosphere that could lead to a sale.

Providing something to eat helps guests slow down, providing an opportunity to get a better feel for the house. Plus, enjoying home cooking helps guests imagine what it would feel like if this were their own kitchen in their own home.

Here are five ideal snacks to serve at your next open house.

1. Cookies or Brownies
Cookies or brownies are the perfect go-to snack for an open house. They’re easy to make (or cheap to buy) and almost everybody is always happy to see them. Small, delicious sweet snacks like brownies are an easy way to help guests feel comfortable and happy. Along with the pleasant experience of eating something sweet, sugary treats release opioids and dopamine in the brain. These “pleasure chemicals” are great for short-term mood boosts and social ice-breaking.

If you can serve them fresh, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of making the house smell amazing.

Finally, keep in mind that there are lots of tasty vegan, gluten-free cookie and brownie recipes. Using one of these recipes ensures that you can serve something tasty that doesn’t exclude any guests.

2. Cupcakes
Cupcakes are a slightly fancier dessert alternative to cookies and brownies. Cupcakes also come out of the oven individually wrapped, which makes it easy to serve them quickly and hygienically.

As a fun finishing touch, use the cupcake icing surfaces to make creative open-house-themed decorations. Using icing or little candies, you can draw a tiny image of a house or spell out a message like “welcome.”

3. Pretzels
For a low-effort, low-cost food that guests will still appreciate, you can’t beat pretzels. These salty favorites are a light, uncomplicated option. If you’re short on budget or time, pretzels are sold everywhere and don’t require any prep.

The only downside of simple grab-a-handful snacks is that it’s not ideal for a group of strangers to be sticking their hands into the same bowl. To offer snacks like pretzels or chips hygienically, use small paper cups or plastic baggies to make individual portions.

4. Mini Quiches
Serving entrees helps establish a VIP feel to an open house. However, most cooked foods present challenges; they require plates and cutlery, heating or reheating, and may be too heavy for guests who would prefer lighter snacks. Thus, single-serving items like mini quiches are perfect. They don’t require cutting, portions are prearranged, and they can easily be servserved on small paper napkins. Best of all, quiche is typically served at room temperature, which removes the hassle of heating or refrigerating.

You can make mini quiches in muffin tins. This baked dish features a flaky pie crust and an egg-based filling. Recipes often include veggies like spinach, peppers, and mushrooms.

5. Mints and Caramels
Whether or not you’re serving food, offering mints or caramels is a nice touch. These sweet treats offer the mood-boosting benefits of a small dose of sugar, but don’t require any preparation or cleanup.

Mints are especially appreciated if you’ve also served other foods. Everybody loves freshening up with a peppermint after a meal.
Knock Your Next Open House Out of the Park

Food isn’t a must-have at an open house, but offering some tasty snacks is a great way to create a setting that’s both upscale and cozy. When you’re selling a home, It’s always worth going the extra mile. You never know which finishing touch will be the one that entices your future buyer.